Intuitive Mentoring Sessions - Personal & Business

Intuitive mentoring sessions not only help you to gain clarity on particular issues but also allow you to identify old beliefs and remove them from your internal database.  An intuitive mentoring session can not only help you personally but also help you with your business.  Our own beliefs and programs can often get in the way of our business gaining the necessary momentum.  

Just as a computer needs to be updated and reprogrammed, so to does our belief system.  Without regular updates we are going through life based on beliefs we have had since childhood.  

Please take a moment to think about that; you are functioning as an adult with a belief you gained in childhood....just how relevant do you think that belief still is to your everyday life?  

It doesn't have to take years to sort through confusion and clutter in your mind - as an intuitive mentor I can quickly get to the bottom of what is causing the problem and help you to find the way forward.

We get in, we sort it, clear it, get it out and DONE!

Contact me today so we can arrange a 15 minute complimentary session

Donna Mahoney

I just want to say a very big thank you. Since talking to you and unlocking my passion, my business has moved forward. I love that it has done this through putting the intention out there and getting excited with a renewal of positive energy.  You are a treasure. Thank you.  Donna Mahoney - Innate Personal Development & Counselling

​Most of us struggle with indecision or feel overwhelmed with life at some point.  

The key is to seek help in making your way through it all rather than letting it overwhelm you to the point of no return.  

A life lived with indecision is no life.  A life with clarity is a life of abundance.

We don't hesitate to see a personal trainer for our fitness or a mechanic for our car's fitness yet when it comes to our mind and the life we live, we seem to think we have to handle it all.  WE DON'T!

How an intuitive mentoring session will help you:

  • ​I can assist you to clear the clutter that is taking up your mental energy
  • Together we can put in place a plan to move forward
  • We will work through any current issues and give you insight that you can utilise in the future
  • As an Intuitive Energy Mentor I can tap into your core energy to release any long held limiting beliefs
  • Together we will replace the old beliefs with new beliefs to give your life a clearer direction

"I have had several personal mentoring sessions with Kathie Holmes. They have been invaluable for me -- Kathie has the ability to both identify and focus my attention on my priorities - on what is most important to me, so I can make decisions and changes in my life that are helpful for me and my loved ones. If you have any sensitive, complicated or difficult situation to address, Kathie will help you to clear the "fog" in one of her sessions!" - Jo-Anne Brown, Living Balance Centre

Jo-Anne Brown

I offer limited spaces each month for one on one mentoring with those that feel they want to move through blocked areas in life or want to fast track their business with one on one support. All mentoring takes place using Skype or phone, at a time to suit you. I restrict the individual sessions I offer each month to only 10 clients so I can provide you with the highest level of mentoring available


Mentoring sessions are one hour in duration.​