Business Readings

What is a business reading? 

Just as a human being has a soul, so to does every other being and entity in our world. Your business is no different.  You are not your business. You are the vehicle through which your business has chosen to be seen.  A business soul reading is where I speak to the soul of your business. I can then ask it the questions I am guided to, in order to determine where the business is doing well, where it needs changes and how to bring it into alignment. I am often shown images that make no sense at this point but in the second part of the reading they become apparent as they are symbols of areas needing attention.

Once this part is complete I then head to your website and I compare the results of the reading against your website or for offline businesses I compare to photos of your business.  I then interpret the results and the areas they ​relate to including any images I have been shown.  From this analysis I then prepare a report for you to give you direction on what needs to be altered, where you are blocking the business and other avenues for you to action.  The report can vary from as little as one page to a few pages depending on what I have been shown. 

Cas Hartley Spiritual Mama Mentor

I received the gift of a business reading from Kathie Holmes last week. This gorgeous woman was so on point that my ego protested for 3 days hahaha. I've started to slowly inch out of my driveway and implement some changes and some routines to stop myself from zooming back in. Time for me to step up and step out consistently and Kathie's insights have been instrumental in getting me to this point. As soon as I am financially able to, I will be booking in a full session with Kathie to really dig deep and get some strategies and actions to move forward. I highly recommend you all do the same. Cas Hartley

Then what?​

Once I have presented the report to you, I will of course answer any questions you may have regarding the content of the report.  From there it is in your hands.  You can choose to ignore the report entirely (which of course I don't recommend) or you can embrace it, action it and watch your business change before your eyes.   

How to book?

To book your reading simply click the button below and you will be taken to Paypal to process the booking.  If you don't use Paypal and want to use direct debit (for Australian clients), please email me and I will send you an invoice.


Includes the reading, a written report and following up with you should you require it.