WordPress Support 

Running an online business is not as easy as having your website built.  It takes ongoing maintenance to ensure that your site stays looking as good as it did from the start, that your content is up-to-date and that the mechanics of your site such as themes, plugins and software are all kept up-to-date.  

You can of course maintain your own website and I provide a Facebook group where you can draw on the experience of myself and other members to ensure you are keeping your site the way it needs to be.  However, if your strengths are not in technology then it makes far more sense to outsource the maintenance of your site so you can focus on what you are good at.

Maintaining the "back end" (functionality) is crucial to keep the risks of your site being hacked, to a bare minimum.  Unfortunately, nothing is hacker proof but I build your site to ensure it is as resistant to attack as possible.


  • 1 hour per month x 12 months 
  • General tidying & updates  of plugins, content, images etc.
  • Specific task requests*

*Specific requests that exceed 1 hour will be quoted per job

Yearly Support

(payable in advance)


Yearly Support payable monthly

(payable by 12 monthly instalments of $99 billed automatically via Paypal)


Monthly payment option is purely for client convenience - this is a 12 month support package and payments cannot be cancelled within the 12 month period.

6 month support packages available on request​ in limited circumstances