Your business is about supporting others | My business is about supporting YOU!

Intuitive solutions + Your passion = Business Magic

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Every entity has its own soul - your business is no different.

You are not your business. YOU ARE THE VEHICLE THROUGH WHICH YOUR BUSINESS COMES TO LIGHT. When you run your business without following its true path, every day becomes a challenge. 

When you tap into the soul of your business for guidance and direction you go from struggle to success and every day is a celebration of your purpose in life.

By combining the needs of your business and your passion for making a difference in the world - you will be unstoppable!

Hi, I'm Kathie Holmes and my gift is being able to utilise my skills as an energy reader together with my business marketing and administration experience to help others create a professional online presence.  I'm a mix of part Intuitive, part Marketer, part WordPress wiz, part Writer/Author and the remainder is taken up with over 30 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in many industries and situations.  I tap into your business energy and work with it to help you move forward with your business.

Whilst I work with clients from a variety of industries, I specialise in working with soul-based, female entrepreneurs. If you are a healer, energy worker, therapist, counsellor, psychologist, coach, mentor or any occupation that is about helping others, then it's time to bring your website and your business into alignment with your purpose.  When we work together on the alignment of your business and creating your professional online presence, we begin to remove the blocks and uncover the path forward for your success.

When we bring all aspects into alignment - then the magic happens!

Karen Cougan Photographic Artist

I would recommend Kathie in a heartbeat and have done so several times. Although my website was already a work in progress Kathie told me exactly what was lacking in mine and how at that moment it did not represent me and my purpose at all. After a lot of work it was changed to where I felt I wanted it to be. Kathie's warm hearted nature and her valuable knowledge could be your best asset. Thank you Kathie. Karen Cougan


Let me tell you that Kathie nailed it!! I love combining more worlds, since I do that too. Kathie's clear readings combined with her amazing web designer work is awesome!!! She created my digital home and it feels like home. Kathie did not know me before. But as we readers do: we look at people's essence. That's where the magic is. 

People who do know me tell me that they totally, truly and deeply recognize me in my website. So SPOT ON Kathie!!

Now THAT is what it is all about: when you can bring to the surface what is already there. Kathie does that with her magical webdesign!!!!

PS. Did you notice that I am on the otherside of the world? Energy work and Technology don't know time or distance.

I am recommending Kathie to whoever wants to hear it!  Vanessa Vink

Vanessa Vink Energy Reader

Kathie is one of the most generous people I know in sharing her skills and amazing abilities in leading someone to turn their passion into employment and to believe in themselves even when things appear to be tough. Kathie has many skills, abilities and a warm heart to offer the world. I recommend her 100% Donna Mahoney

Donna Mahoney Counsellor/Therapist