"When you operate a business with integrity, kindness and gratitude you begin to live your life's true purpose.  When you achieve this level of alignment you will never work another day in your life." Kathie Holmes

If you are a female entrepreneur who operates a soul-based and heart-centred business, you have just found your ready-made support team and cheer squad.

Hi I'm Kathie Holmes and I offer business support and mentoring for soul-based, heart-centred, female entrepreneurs.  My business incorporates everything you need to support you in running your business.  WordPress website development, copywriting, logo design, marketing, admin support, mentoring and coaching.  

Just as you have an energy system, so to does your business and my aim is to ensure that both systems are working in alignment to allow you to do what you do best.

I am an Intuitve Business & Personal Mentor and I love helping women to build lifelong soulful connections with other women around the globe, both personally and professionally. I'm to support you through my courses, books and one on one mentoring.

So grab a cuppa, sit back and read through the site and discover how we can work together to showcase your business to the world.

Life has never been more hectic or disconnected than it is right now. For women who work from home that is taken to a whole other level as we juggle being of service to our families, our clients and most importantly, to ourselves. 

A lot of us no longer have traditional family relationships either by choice or necessity ​and often don't live within a close distance to our families.   All of this creates a situation where women are operating in a state of disconnect because it is not in our makeup to do things alone.

We have lost our connection to Source, Mother Earth or whatever it is you call it.  We have forgotten how to be truly feminine and how to embrace womanhood and share it with other women.  

Through my work with women from all over the world I have witnessed this disconnect on every level. I have been drawn to create a number of sacred online circles designed to not only support you and your business but to support your soul as well.  

The women in these circles come from all walks of life and all parts of the globe and we come together to support, nurture and inspire each other, both personally and professionally.  We are non judgmental and all embracing and we would love to welcome you to our circles.

The concept of sacred women's circles is an ancient ritual to allow women to be honoured, loved and supported amongst those who are peers.  There is no heirarchy in our circles. We are all there on a journey of discovery that strengthens us individually and collectively.

A little bit about who I am and why I do what I do.

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When you live from a place of gratitude  your life begins to change in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. When you share that gratitude it takes on a ripple effect for others within our circle.

Do you run your own business or would like to? Here you will find nothing but support and encouragement from other wonderful women who run their own soul-based businesses.

"I have had several personal clarity coaching sessions with Kathie Holmes. They have been invaluable for me -- Kathie has the ability to both identify and focus my attention on my priorities - on what is most important to me, so I can make decisions and changes in my life that are helpful for me and my loved ones. If you have any sensitive, complicated or difficult situation to address, Kathie will help you to clear the "fog" in one of her sessions!" - Jo-Anne Brown, Living Balance Centre

Jo-Anne Brown www.LivingBalanceCentre.com.au

Glitter for your Soul Book Series



Have you always wanted to write a book?

Does it keep getting put off or put in the too hard basket?

If so, our collaborative book series is the perfect way for to start your writing career and start fulfilling your dreams of becoming a Best Selling Author.​

"Kathie is a bit of a publishing rock star ... author and co author of many books on personal growth and development / spiritual evolution and women's empowerment ... serious badass life / business coach and all round sweetheart and earth mother" - Samantha Bulloch, The Alchemist's Tree

Samantha Bulloch