"Kathie is a bit of a publishing rock star ... author and co author of many books on personal growth and development / spiritual evolution and women's empowerment ... serious badass life / business coach and all round sweetheart and earth mother" - Samantha Bulloch, The Alchemist's Tree

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"I have had several personal clarity coaching sessions with Kathie Holmes. They have been invaluable for me -- Kathie has the ability to both identify and focus my attention on my priorities - on what is most important to me, so I can make decisions and changes in my life that are helpful for me and my loved ones. If you have any sensitive, complicated or difficult situation to address, Kathie will help you to clear the "fog" in one of her sessions!" - Jo-Anne Brown, Living Balance Centre

Jo-Anne Brown www.LivingBalanceCentre.com.au
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"There are some decision points in your life when you know there is something missing, you have tried a few things, you are reluctant to try another despite those that you trust saying this is for you. There are some points that within a short space of time that you know that was a big turning point in the right direction for your greatest good … For me, one of the most defining points was the day I took a friends advice and rang Kathie. Her enthusiasm, sense of humour and motivation keep me both on track and optimistic and also inspired to reach my full potential on both a personal and business level. Love that woman’s sense of humour that keeps us all just that bit more grounded when life gets a little (a lot) off balance." Jacinta Harding, Optimum Health